Skybody®  understands the Value of Yoga.  Skybody® also understands the Business of Yoga, and the importance of Integrity on both ends.

For many, Yoga  is a haven for the stressed out;  women and men seeking a deeper connection to the world away from the pounding pavements, a connection to caring communities, a means for healing and stretching, physically and emotionally.

For some, Yoga is an opportunity to grow, seek self- discipline, learn to surrender, or explore for the first time because they heard it could be good for you.

No matter what one seeks from Yoga, or finds, each perpetual and wondrous journey is our own, and in each class we take, we are grateful for having the  room to explore. 

Yoga is a growing business, with new studios popping up almost as frequently as Starbucks. And although we try to keep the classes fresh, hire the best instructors, offer workshops and immersions, it’s still a very competitive market.

Speaking as both an instructor as well as a studio owner I was greatly impressed with how thorough and comprehensive the SkyBody Certification course is. Fran shared her wealth of knowledge covering everything you could possibly need to know from proper equipment and setup to planning, cueing and sequencing safe and fun classes for all levels of students.

Fran’s style incorporates a true yogic experience into a fun and playful class. Her love for the art and desire to share her expertise is evident throughout the program and delivered in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Colleen Williams
Co- Owner of Sage and the Flying Buddha

I just wanted to thank you Fran for the SKYBODY teacher training you taught at my studio, Sage & The Flying Buddha! All the students learned so much from you. Your program was not only the best training I’ve ever experienced, but also at a completely different level when it came to safety and a variety of different flows for all levels of aerialists! We look forward to having you at our studio again, to learn more from the best! Please feel free to share my number as a reference for other students!

Kerry Palotta
Co-Owner of Sage & The Flying Buddha

I recently completed the Skybody Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Fran Sperling. Fran has put her heart and soul into this teacher training and it shows. Her program has provided me with an excellent foundation and I gained the experince and knowledge i needed to fulfill my desire to be an aerial instructor.

Rose Caruso
Sage Aerial Yoga Instructor


Give your members tremendous Value.

Float® Aerial Yoga offers so many of the same values as traditional mat classes, but takes its asanas and restorative practices to new heights. Its classes are exploratory and refreshing, offering students a new perspective, as well as deeply introspective view of their world.

Its practice continues to challenge, and continues to support the realization that anything is possible, when you put your mind to it: On the mat, In the air, Or in your life.

It is a uniquely special practice, that includes deep relaxation, and healing – in every class. It is addicting, fun, and beneficial

It keeps students coming back, generates referrals, and improves retention. 

Add more streams of Revenue.

Your current students will be excited to find Aerial Yoga on the schedule  – but it will also attract an entirely new market,  generate referrals, bringing in new members from all around your area– helping you grow and flourish like never before.

So many uses for the Installation!

Once you place an aerial installation in your space, the Sky’s the Limit in the number of other classes that become available!  You can offer TRX classes, hang boxing bags, or ask Skybody® about some of its other aerial classes!

How do I get started?

Contact Skybody® to see if we can create an Aerial installation in your studio space. Skybody® works only with the best Certified Aerial riggers available to insure safety and reliability in setting up an Aerial environment for Float® classes.

Who will teach the classes?

Only a certified Float® Aerial yoga instructor can teach Skybody® ‘s Float® classes. Skybody® offers a Float® Teacher Training program to every studio that is eligible to set up the Aerial installation, so your instructors will be certified.

More Questions?

We are glad you asked.

Call or email Skybody® and we will be happy to provide more information specific to your facility.

We welcome you to join our growing community in wellness, spirit and joy. 

Phone: 917-923-8744