Who is eligible:

– Skybody®’s Float® Aerial Yoga Training Program is only available to students previously certified in Yoga or other Fitness modalities. Application approval required.
– Those seeking to continue their education in Yoga, advance their private practice or become a Float® Aerial Yoga instructor.

What Skybody®’s Float® Aerial Yoga offers:

Aerial yoga is still new to the wellness arena, but a budding and growing community throughout the US and abroad.

What Float® Aerial yoga can offer clients as a took for holistic wellness and health is unique to any other fitness modality, as a strengthening tool as well as a restorative one. Enabling people to invert without cervical pressure to the spine, using gravity’s
forces as a helper or aid in improving balance, strengthening the core, as well as releasing tension and stresses throughout the body is what “suspension training” offers, which floor or mat exercises can not duplicate.

Float® became dubbed as the “real deal” in Aerial Yoga “suspension training” because of its heartfelt connection to Yoga: its usage of the 8 Limbs of Yoga as its guide, use of Pranayama, mindful connection to physical movement, its ongoing lessons in alignment, spatial, and vestibular awareness, cultivation of inner perceptual awareness and deep meditative practices.

Also, for it’s delightfully challenging, playful, and restorative poses.

The aerial hammock acts as a support system to assist and achieve better balance in poses that might otherwise be more challenging, as well as open and “track” joints that are compressed due to stress or overwork, allowing gravity to help release them, relieving tension, tightness and pain in the musculature around them.

Float® makes use of physics and dynamic balance, a graceful dance between participant in conjunction with the hammocks support system, therefore always challenging to find one’s balance and alignment in the simplest movements. This increases stability and core strength that one can carry throughout all activities in life. It also creates a deeper awareness and focus on proper alignment and posture, seeking effortless movement in the practice and greater freedom and range of motion in the body.

Best of all, Float® creates a nurturing, supportive atmosphere in its classes, maintaining a playful, creative, freeing and explorative feel throughout its movement and poses, as well as elevating and empowering one’s emotional senses.

At the end of each class, expect to rest, feeling blissfully relaxed, floating, and rejuvenated.

Thanks again for yesterday. I absolutely love your Float® Aerial Yoga concept. Working with TRX for several years, I was at first comparing the two and then after about 15-20 minutes, I realized how “shallow” TRX is.

Your technique is so complete and the potential benefits for the spine and reversing the “crunch” caused by daily life for our culture is tremendous. I’d be interested in the educational side if things, certainly would consider the teacher training. I also see how vibration is a perfect compliment. Not so much for providing something additional, but for “uploading” all the changes your work does afterwards (with gravitational specificity).

Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT
Equilibrium Physical Therapy, LLC

Speaking as both an instructor as well as a studio owner I was greatly impressed with how thorough and comprehensive the SkyBody Certification course is. Fran shared her wealth of knowledge covering everything you could possibly need to know from proper equipment and setup to planning, cueing and sequencing safe and fun classes for all levels of students.

Fran’s style incorporates a true yogic experience into a fun and playful class. Her love for the art and desire to share her expertise is evident throughout the program and delivered in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Colleen Williams
Co- Owner of Sage and the Flying Buddha

I just wanted to thank you Fran for the SKYBODY teacher training you taught at my studio, Sage & The Flying Buddha! All the students learned so much from you. Your program was not only the best training I’ve ever experienced, but also at a completely different level when it came to safety and a variety of different flows for all levels of aerialists! We look forward to having you at our studio again, to learn more from the best! Please feel free to share my number as a reference for other students!

Kerry Palotta
Co-Owner of Sage & The Flying Buddha

I recently completed the Skybody Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Fran Sperling. Fran has put her heart and soul into this teacher training and it shows. Her program has provided me with an excellent foundation and I gained the experince and knowledge i needed to fulfill my desire to be an aerial instructor.

Rose Caruso
Sage Aerial Yoga Instructor

Become part of the Skybody® Community

Skybody® has an excellent reputation as a leader in ” suspension training” and within its growing community, offers ongoing support and continuing education.
We invite you to join this community and spread its love, joy, intelligence and creativity.

Skybody® offers opportunity to grow within its community, becoming Aerial Ambassadors and teaching specialists, as well as becoming involved with its creative, innovative and developmental teams.

Add to your revenue stream while doing what you love.

In the course you will learn:

  • Flow, poses and aerial asansa to teach and practice.
  • How to teach Float® Aerial yoga: modifying positions/ skills in cuing and imaginative teaching techniques.
  • Benefits of Float® Aerial Yoga.
  • Applying anatomy into the movement.
  • How to assist and safely spot students in and out of poses.
  • Sequencing a flow and why, how to connect poses, as well as learn to create from them.
  • How to use the “plumb line” or center of gravity.
  • The use of dynamic balance and building alignment awarensss
  • How to integrate meditation, pranayama and Yoga Nidra into the Practice
  • Philosophy of yoga flying and creating intention.
  • The Benefits of Play.
  • How to care for your equipment and hardware.

At the End of the Course upon Graduation:

This course, upon graduation, will legally recognize you as a Skybody® Float® Aerial Yoga instructor. Under our limited license agreement, Float® instructors can teach the Float® methodology privately, as well as in studios. Skybody® is not a franchise. We do ask, however, that if you do decide to instruct within a public fitness facility that is not currently Skybody® affiliated, that you contact Skybody® directly, to set up rigging within the facility to insure Skybody®’s safety standards, and create an affiliation with our company.

You must pass the practicum at the end of the course to be granted the limited license for teaching Float® Aerial Yoga, as well as complete all the hours the course requires.

Please contact: Fran Sperling @ Fasperling@gmail.com for any further info or questions you may have regarding the teacher training program of limited license agreement.

For more info about membership, and to apply for teacher training, please go to Certification Application Form.