Aerial Yoga by SkyBody®: Where our relationship to gravity changes vertically, which effectively changes our bodies.

aerial yoga
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[accordion title=”What is Float®?”]
Skybody®’s system is all about Intelligent Fitness.1) Where “functional training” meets Play, Asana, Intention, Breath work and Balance.
2) A fitness regimen that consists of instinctive movements that engages the body in its entirety. Relearning patterns of movement we have learned as children.
3) A means to put ourselves back into our bodies where a wellspring of unconscious emotions lie.Float® Aerial Yoga will help you get in shape, healthy, fit, strong, and toned through exercises that increase the heart rate and burn calories, increase muscle mass, improve coordination and balance, and spatial awareness.It also challenges the mind to connect to the body throughout the class, focus and think. It is a connection to one’s breath in stillness and movement.It’s movements coincide with specific energy lines in the body that increase circulation, healing, calming the nervous system and helping to bring us back to optimal health.
It is restorative, revitalizing the body’s internal system, relieving stress, creating calm. It open’s joints that are muscularly bound, lengthens the spine, helps relieve pain, and has yous feeling like you are ” floating”.

Float® is journey of movements centered around a single point (or center of gravity) of a fabric hammock, which is hung from the ceiling at around hip level.

Using hammocks as a supportive aid, we become more adept and aware at finding our own center of gravity in relationship to the hammock, and develop a more acute sense of self, stability, alignment, ease and gracefulness in movement, which we can carry into all aspects of our fitness regimen. Working with physics, in lifting ourselves off the ground, vertically up away from gravity, repeatedly– the length of time in seeing results in strength gain is shortened. We get stronger, faster.

Skybody@ uses traditional asanas in Float®, but also combines aspects of Pilates, barre workouts, core training, strength training and aerial dance movement.

Float® is playful, too. Who says healing and exercise have to be all about seriousness and “hard work”? You’ll laugh. You’ll smile. You’ll make friends, and connect to a deep joy inside.

People keep coming back to the classes for the deep inner calm and exploratory elements they experience during the classes; the affect the movement has on their emotional selves; what they learn about themselves during the class that they can apply to their daily lives outside the classroom.

aerial yoga

I was not expecting to feel the way I did upon entering Fran’s aerial yoga class.  I have taught yoga for a couple of years now (Vinyasa and Hot) and have been practicing for over half my life now, and although I had never taken an aerial class, I thought that since it is in the yoga family that it wouldn’t be a big deal moment or greatly new experience for me…  Let’s just say I was mistaken.  The class began with deep breathing and meditation, which took me by (pleasant) surprise.  Next Fran led us through a very thorough warm up, and I could already feel muscles being used that I was not used to.  At this point I could see that I was about to get a very physical workout, but what surprised me more was the mental workout and self-realization this class gave me.  Once we began getting into the swing of it (haha) I kept noticing when I might hesitate, or not want to do something, or feel scared, or excited.  In terms of my own personal self growth, and also greatly encouraged by Fran to listen to our own bodies, I had moments of reminding myself to drop whatever ego might be appearing and be okay with either trying something new…. or not… I was delighted to discover that both are equally amazing and true choices, both empowering.  I was also reminded of that beautiful beginner mind, eyes and heart, which is nice to bring into any practice, but so genuinely felt for me here.  As a teacher, it is good for me to be reminded that some of my students may feel this way in a Vinyasa or Hot class, and it was great for me to be able to connect to this feeling again.  Thanks Fran!

[accordion title=”Who is Float® for?”]

Women and men of any age group, shape and size, with or without yoga experience, who are bored with other fitness classes, who want enjoy their “work-outs”, have fun, feel challenged, sweat, become stronger and build their stamina.

People who are drawn to inversions; people who have a hard time balancing in inversions and want to experience inversions without the pressure to their cervical spine. People who want to improve their yoga on the mat.

It’s for those who want to ease their way into aerial fitness, but aren’t quite ready for more “extreme” classes. It’s also for yoga enthusiasts looking to expand their yoga techniques, and experience a unique take on the ancient traditions.

For moving through fears.

Helping yoga beginners find new a new ease with which they can enter and hold poses, helping yoga veterans hold poses far longer, in correct alignment and connecting their breath more conscientiously to their movement.

People seeking a restorative/ challenging heart-pumping yoga class combination with effective results on both ends of the spectrum.

People looking to de-stress, through physical workout, meditation, and restorative practices.

Experience positivity, letting go, acceptance, humbling, fearlessness, fearfulness, amazement, joy, laughter, surprise. Give yourself permission.
[accordion title=”Amaze yourself on so many levels”]
“I can’t believe I just did that.” We hear that in almost every class. Each week your practice will deepen and you will amaze yourself even more.
[accordion title=”Feel empowered – and on top of the world.”]
After a Float® session, people feel simply great. The tough positions you conquer make you feel like you can do just about anything. It’s an exhilarating rush – like you’re walking on air, and like you could do anything you set your mind to.

And you can! That’s the true lesson of Float® Aerial Yoga.
[accordion title=”Work with motivating, supportive instructors.”]
In Float® – it’s okay if you can’t do something. It’s not about comparing yourself to anyone else, anyways. Your instructors will never make you feel uncomfortable, or anything but supported. They’ll gently push you to surpass your limits, encourage you to grow and try new things – but never intimidate you. They ask you in every class to listen to yourself and to give YOURSELF permission to say ” NO, NOT TODAY”, not to be judgmental, and never apologize.

We’re all about fun, support, and growth. You’ll discover that with the right teacher at your side, you’re capable of so much more than you ever thought.