YOU are Beautiful. Strong. Sexy, Supple. Confident. You take care of yourself. It’s part of your intrinsic nature.

You set goals and strive to attain them. You leave room for improvement and seek balance.

You love a challenge and know the only way to the top is by earning it. You don’t shy away from the climb. You don’t give up. You deserve it.

In Skybody®’s Aerial classes, you learn to get out of your own way in becoming the best you are.


Working with Fran on the silks and trapeze has been one of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done. It has increased my upper body and core strength incredibly. It’s one of those workouts that  you look forward to doing. You never dread working out because you get an incredible adrenalin rush from the excitement of the routines you are learning. Working out doing Aerial Arts has increased my coordination as well as my confidence. I’ve never been in better shape. It’s geat finding a workout that is so much fun and gets you into shape.”

– Michael Gelman — Executive Producer of “Live with Kelly and Michael”

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[accordion title=”Physically Fit:”]
Achieve your fitness goals: whether it’s burning body fat, increasing stamina, toning or gaining muscle, increasing your strength- particularly upper body and core, and lengthening muscles for a leaner, longer physique, Skybody® can personalize your aerial experience to help you reach them.

Your body will look and feel different because you will get in touch with muscles you never knew were there, while conditioning specifically, dancing with grace and climbing bit by bit further into the air!

Use your WHOLE body as the incredible efficient machine it is meant to be. Developing a balanced, healthy look.
[accordion title=”Am I working out ?”]
You would never know it. It doesn’t feel like a workout because you are focused on having fun, improving coordination, and figuring out where your body is moving in space. It’s challenging, so you are never bored. You work with safe, qualified, experienced instructors. And everyone in these small, intimate classes are SO supportive! They clap when you reach a new level of achievement! It’s full of positive energy and reinforcement. At the end of every class, you feel accomplished, amazing, successful.
Take that out the door and into the world!!

As a mother of two little ones I have very little time on my hands for myself but I have made time for Ariel Arts. I’m in love with the challenge it brings and the self accomplishment! I have developed a super strong toned physique while having fun! Fran Sperling is a fabulous instructor my accomplishments from day one are astounding! I’m on maternity leave again for my third but can’t wait to come back for more !!

– Kellie Rothman

[accordion title=”Mentally Fit:”]
Doing the “impossible”.

People watch aerialists in shows and say ” I could never do that”. Those people probably say that about a lot of things in their lives.

How we think affects the quality of how we live.

We materialize our successes based upon who we see ourselves as and what we whisper to ourselves inside.

In Skybody’s® classes, we take on those negative energies and dis- beliefs. We can be anything we want to be.

We don’t have to become performing aerialists! Or we can!

Skybody® classes offer confidence, co-ordination, artistic elegance, and a deeper sense of self-awareness.

They increase your mental alertness, balance and spatial acuity. They increase your stamina so you have more energy to burn in everything you take on.

You feel better. Stronger. Capable.

Beauty on the inside and out.

Fran has encouraged me to trust my own strength and skill, and to push myself beyond my preconceived limits of what my body can and can’t do. I look forward to class every week not only because I know I will get a great workout, but because I know Fran will teach me another trick or technique so I will continue to be challenged.

– Katherine Neufeld

[accordion title=”Who are these classes for?”]
You can be an extreme beginner, workout junkie, pole dancer, cross-fit fanatic, curious aerial wannabe, couch potato, hardcore body builder, dancer, flyer, even a race car driver ( it’s true! ) : Aerial Fitness / Dance is great for everybody and Any Body!

Skybody® will get your body off the ground, safely and thoughtfully, doing moves you that will astound you on the first day!
[accordion title=”What Should I Bring?”]

A drive to learn something new and challenging and a desire to have fun.
Wear clothes that are snug and that cover the back of your knees. We work barefoot. Bring water to stay hydrated.

Bring your signed waiver. You can download it here:
Right click here and select “Save Target As” to download.

The aerial conditioning class has been a breath of fresh air in my fitness schedule. The class teaches an amazing combination of strength and grace that I have not been able to find anywhere else. In college I was a rock climber but the aerial class has opened my eyes to an acrobatic exercise without the constraints of a harness. I am challenged by the strength training and am addicted to the rush,

– Jordan Richard

Description of Apparatus:


Aerial Silks; (also known as Tissu, aerial ribbons, fabric)

Aerial Silks are 2 strands of long fabric that hang from a single point in the ceiling. They are not made of silk. They are made of exceptionally strong fabrics such as polyester lycra. Most people are familiar with them through Cirque Du Soleil and other related performances. Silks engage your upper body and core, as you suspend yourself in the air, climb, wrap, fall, swing and spiral your body into and out of various positions. We often use dried or spray rosin on our hands and feet to increase the friction and grip on the fabric.

“I absolutely love Fran’s aerial silks classes. Her classes are personalized with just the right level of difficulty; they are great workouts and a lot of fun. I can feel myself improving after each class, and I can’t wait for my next one!”

-Linda liu



[accordion title=”Static Trapeze:”]
A trapeze is a horizontal bar suspended in the air by two hanging ropes. Static Trapeze is when you move around the bar and ropes, performing balances, drops,and climbs while the bar itself stays mostly in place. The difficulty on a static trapeze is making every move look effortless. It is a great apparatus for complete beginners.

Aerial conditioning was my impetus to lose weight. It enabled me to change the shape of my body as I lost 20+ pounds. I’ve built great strength using my own body weight. I take a great deal of pride in being able to perform the various moves on the trapeze. It is such a great addition to my regular workouts.

– Wendy Herman

[accordion title=”Lyra: ( also known as aerial hoop, aerial ring, cerceau)”]
Another classic circus apparatus, the aerial hoop is a large steel or aluminum ring suspended in the air by one or two ropes. You will learn to swing, hang and spiral yourself inside and around the circle while it is spinning. It’s extremely sexy, liberating, and fun – while also developing core strength, and long, lean muscles.

As someone who gets bored easily with a usual workout routine, Fran’s aerial classes provide me with the most stimulating full-body workout I could ask for. I can honestly say I’ve never been as strong as when I”m taking her classes.

– Maggie Keenan-Bolger

[accordion title=”Corde Lisse: ( also know as Rope).”]
Corde lisse is a single thick cotton rope that hangs vertically from the ceiling by a single point. Much of the technique and movement on rope is similar to silks.

Aerial Arts is an unusual type of workout. Yes, it builds physical strength on every part of your body. More than that, it develops the ability to know where you are in space from different perspectives. As you learn the physical aspects, you are also developing the mental strength, learning to trust yourself. Fran Sperling is passionate about her art. She stresses safety and building a strong foundation from which everything stems. She patiently takes each student along at their own pace. Classes have students with various degrees of experience. Watching and helping each other adds to the class dynamic. Although aerial arts is technical, it is also creative. You can start with a basic move and reinvent it in any number of ways. It is like creating a dance. The simple act of standing and sitting can be a graceful, eventful moment. I am active. I participate in a number of fitness related activities. Nothing has made me as strong as aerial arts.

– Fran Motolla

[accordion title=”Doubles:”]
Doubles is where 2 people work on a single apparatus together. Great for its collaborative elements, opening doors for discussion on support and trust, teamwork, and creating new imaginative choreography.

Her enthusiasm for her work, her incredible level of skill and accomplishment, as a performer and her flawless ability to communicate with students of all skill and fitness levels makes her aerial classes a totally unique way for ANYONE to build strength, flexibility, relieve stress, express themselves and evolve a positive change in their body and mind.

What I find most impressive and inspiring is her ability to take a person of any age or physical fitness level and guide them to be able to do something they never believed they could do….and she can do this in less than one session.

Personally, I have gained tremendous strength and endurance from my sessions and I find myself always wishing for MORE time on the silks and lyra. I feel very privileged and quite spoiled to be able to learn from Fran.

In my experience, truly gifted performers who are also truly gifted teachers are quite rare and I feel that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Fran is being offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

– Emily Willard


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