The SkyBody Way.

Empowerment, Grace, Inspiration.

Skybody®'s skillful system Inspires you to Aspire Higher in all aspects of your life. Taking fitness to new heights, Skybody® offers a fun and exhilarating alternative in exercise and dance. Unlock your potential, and get in the best shape of your life in Float® Aerial Yoga or Skybody's signature aerial fitness and dance classes using silks, trapeze, and other various apparatus. Skybody® takes every individual on a personal journey to realizing their untapped capabilities in class and in life, which is empowering at any age. Whether a beginner or not, challenge yourself to new accomplishments and amazing feats. Do what you thought impossible, Become what you thought impossible. Surprise yourself. Push your edge. Dance nimbly through the Air. Discover your Fierceness. Move with Mindfulness. Laugh. Refresh. Restore. Breathe. Connect to your body. Transform your body. Then observe what it does for your Soul. Smile. Discover your Sky Body inside.

In the PRESS

"Fran teaches with a soft touch, inspiring you to connect with your body’s potential rather get frustrated with its present limits". - NY post.